Jill's massages are amazing! I was recently diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, and after she gave me a deep tissue massage with her special mix of essential oils, my blood sugar went down to 102! My sugar's never that low! Thank you Jill! I'll definitely be returning for more massages!

Lindsey C

Jill is an excellent massage therapist who uses lots of different techniques to stimulate and ease our muscles. My favorite technique she uses is cupping. I've never had such relaxed muscles in just one session! I would highly recommend Jill to anyone who has problem areas with tight muscles and would like to experience cupping. It really is the best!

Sarah M

Jill is wonderful! I am pregnant and have a sore back, hips, and feet. Jill has an awesome pillow that I'm able to lay face down on and not feel any pressure on my belly. Seriously, every pregnant woman needs to visit Jill for absolute comfort.

Alice J

I had always wanted to have a massage but felt very uncomfortable about doing it.  When I finally got up the courage and the nerve I called Jill and made arrangements for her to come to my home and give massages to myself and my daughters.  Jill made us feel very relaxed and at ease, informing us of what exactly would take place.  I would recommend Jill to all my friends and acquaintances.  She does a fantastic job and the experience is so enjoyable.  I wish I could afford to have a massage weekly!

Patsy C

Jill has the healer's touch! I have problems with TMJ and Tendonitis in my arms and Jill is able to relieve me of pain with both injuries. She has saved me so much money by not having to see doctors and buy medicine. She is wonderful at injury massages!

Lisa K

Jill is a wonderful massage therapist and I would know since I love getting massages. I have struggled with back problems for a few years now and after a massage from Jill I feel great. I have been very impressed on how educated she is on all the different muscles and different massage techniques and she customizes your massage to your individual needs! I love my Jilly Bean and would refer her to everyone I know!!!

Melissa D                                                                                                                                                               Draper 84020

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