Signature Massage     $25 / $50 / $75 / $100
A full body massage that incorporates the use of hot towels on your back and wrapped around your feet, heated sheets and table warmer, and also the use of dōTERRA essential oils through out the massage. This is the ultimate relaxation treatment!
Available in 30min / 60min / 90min / 2hr sessions
(also available as a deep tissue massage)

Cupping Therap
      $25 / $50 / $75 
 is the method of using  plastic cups to create localized negative pressure by a vacuum. The suction from the cups can penetrate deep into your tissues causing the tissues to relax and release harmful toxins and help flush them away. It triggers the lymphatic system, clears the blood vessels, loosens tight muscles, and stimulates the skin. 
Available in 30min / 60min / 90min sessions

Reflexology      $25 / $50
A modality focused on the feet where certain areas correspond to organs and specific areas of the body. A non-invasive way to work the entire body system. It includes moisturizing lotion, lavender powder, and hot towels to soften and warm the feet.
Available in 30min / 60min sessions

Cranial Sacral Therapy      $25 / $50
A very relaxing technique that gently works with the tissues of the skull and sacrum. By feeling for the cranial rhythm, it is possible to assess restrictions and compressions, and help release them. Helps with headaches, insomnia, TMJ Disorder, whiplash, and much more!
Available in 30min / 60min sessions

Injury Massage
     $25 / $50 / $75
This massage includes a series of specific protocols for an area of injury to aid in your rehabilitation. It is also a great modality to receive even if you are without injury!
Available in 30min / 60min / 90min sessions

AromaTouch Technique   $40
A must in ultimate relaxation and balance. Light strokes are used to distribute 8 different dōTERRA essential oils along the spine, back, and feet. It helps to heal the body and bring it back to homeostasis.
Available only as a 30 min session


Aroma Therapy $5
Choose one of six essential oils/blends to add to your massage oil and diffuse throughout your session to truly take healing and relaxation to a whole new level.

Citrus Bliss  Breathe 

Slim'n'Sassy  Serenity  Frankincense

AromaTouch Hand Session $15
A mini version of the AromaTouch Technique. This treatment massages a total of eight essential oils into the palms of your hands to return your body back to homeostasis and provides an overall sense of well-being.
(adds 10 minutes)


Out-Call Fee

Draper $20

UT/SL Valley $30

Park City $40

*Gift Certificates are available

Draper Massage 84020

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